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Keep your birds free from mites and lice, Remember to treat cages and aviaries regularly too.

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100mls Harka-Verm
Pigeon Supplement Features: Worm burdens need reducing, Harkaverm is essential, Harka-Verm bird worming treatment is for treating hairworm and roundworm. Harka-Verm Liquid: -A liquid wormer for use against...
250g Blast-Off AntiMite
Product Features: 250g Blast-Off AntiMite, produced by The BirdCare Company. Completely natural ingredients for this parasite repellent product, Blast Off Anti-Mite. These natural ingredients have been...
500mls Birdy Finect
Bird Supplement Features: 500mls Birdy Finect mite spray produced by The BirdCare Company for birds contains safe, silicon dioxide ingredients which dehydrate the parasites by shredding away their protective...
125mls Mite & Lice
Mite & Lice Spray Features: Aristopet 125mls Mite & Lice Spray is formulated to help control lice and mites on all bird types and also imparts a fine gloss on birds plumage. This Spray can also be used...
60mls Expel Wormer
Bird Supplement Features: Aviform 60ml Expel prevention wormer for all cage & aviary bird types helps makes Expel prevention a unique cage and aviary product of its type on the market today, giving you...
100mls Insect Liquidator
Product Features: Vetafarm 100mls Avian Insect Liquidator is an safe and effective Insect growth regulator for all cage and aviary birds. Avian Insect Liquidator acts on contact with upto 6 weeks residual...
10mls Ivermectin
Mite Treatment Features: Ivermectin spot on for treatment of mites in smaller cage birds (e.g. budgies and finches). Available without veterinary prescription. A very cost effective solution, with enough...
100mls Harkers 3 In 1
Pigeon Supplement Features: 100mls Harkers 3 in 1 soluble is for treatment, control and prevention of Coccidiosis, Canker and Worms via the drinking water. Tried, tested and approved by leading fanciers...
10x4g Harkanker
Pigeon Supplement Features: Trichomoniasis is a major budgerigar and pigeon nightmare but can occur in other bird species. Harkanker Soluble is the answer... For the treatment of Trichomoniasis in birds...