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3pk Cage Grip Clip
White strong robust clip that can attach to any cage. ideal for holding cuttlebone in place, millet spray, fruit or veg treats. Dimensions of each clip, approx 5cm/3cm We offer these white clips in 3pk...
100mls Avicare
AviCare Features: Vetafarm 100mls AviCare Concentrate is a cleaning disinfectant for cages/aviary's, bird perches and bird toys. Hand rearing stations should be cleaned before and after each feed session...
500mls Avisafe
Product Features: - A liquid disinfectant available in a concentrate - Kills yeasts, fungi, viruses and bacteria. - Effective against Avian Flu when used at a strength of 1 part Avisafe to 10 parts water...
125ml Stop Pick
Product Features: Aristopet Bird Stop Pick Spray is an aid in the prevention of feather picking in parrots and other cage and aviary birds. A simple aid to managing this damaging behaviour whilst the underlying...
100mls Shampoo
Product Features: Power shampoo is a g ent le shampoo for birds, finches to parrots, Contains natural cleansers and fragrances such as eucalyptus. cleans and adds shine to birds plumage. Recommended for:...