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We offer a range of Pet Bird Supplements produced by The BirdCare Company, Aviform and others, from Bird Tonics, to Daily Essentials to help keep your feathered bird friends fit & healthy.

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50g Bird Supplement
Bird Supplement Features: 50g EasyBird Pet Bird Supplement By The BirdCare Company is a complete bird vitamin and mineral supplement. Most Bird diets are deficient in many vitamins, trace and macro minerals,...
50g Daily Essentials 3
Bird Supplement Features: 50g Daily Essentials 3 Bird Supplement By The BirdCare Company is an on food multi-vitamins and minerals. Add to softfood or fruits/vegetables. Contains 13 different vitamins,...
250mls Avigold Advance
Bird Supplement Features: Aviform 250mls Avigold Advance is describe as a superior all-in-one bird supplement tonic. Produced by Aviform it is a unique 100% natural, offering an unrivalled level of key...
50g Feather-Up
Bird Supplement Features: On food moulting supplement for birds containing multi-vitamins, minerals, amino acids and protein. Helps to promote excellent feather condition and speeds up the moulting process...
100g Vitaform
Bird Supplement Features: Aviform 100g Vitaform is an avian specific bird supplement and bird conditioner enriched with a combination of ingredients as unique single product. Vitaform is formulated to...
40g BioPlus Probiotic
Bird Supplement Features: 40g BioPlus Probiotic bird supplement by The BirdCare Company is a m ul ti-strain pre and probiotic herbs for birds with vitamins, minerals, yeast extracts and glucose polymers....
125g Prolyte C
Bird Supplement Features: Aviform 125g Prolyte C is a soluble probiotic, prebiotic and electrolyte formulation to aid birds recovery after illness. Aviforms new formula Prolyte C currently contains the...
250mls Force 12
Bird Supplement Features: Aviform Force 12 Vitamin B12 bird supplement bird tonic for cage and aviary birds instantly bio-available, high potency co enzyme of vitamin B12, as a liquid nutritional supplement....
100mls Aviclens
Bird Supplements Features: 100mls Aviclens by The BirdCare Company is a powerful water sanitizer for birds, it keeps drinking water sparkling clean. Also ideal for soaking seed and pulses. Safe to use...
50mls Potent Brew
Bird Supplement Features: 50mls Potent Brew, from The BirdCare Company, is a liquid probiotic bird supplement to help increase breeding vigour, chick survival, chick growth and support digestive function....
40g Spark
Bird Supplement Features: Spark bird supplements by The BirdCare Company replaces lost body salts and provides increased energy. Ideal for show birds. If birds appear fluffed up use Guardian Angel in place...
50g Daily Essentials 1
Bird Supplement Features: 50g Daily Essentials 1 By The BirdCare Company. Putting supplements onto dry seed has little effective, as firstly it all tends to fall through to the bottom of the bowl and secondly,...
30g Formula Plus
Bird Supplement Features: Hand rearing food additive by The BirdCare Company. It contains specialist nutrients that are not routinely included in commercial hand-rearing formulae, but which play a tremendous...
50mls Multivitamins BSP
BSP stands for broad spectrum. Like all of our other vitamins these are high potency vitamin drops so that only a small amount is needed. They are ideal for medicating water for birds which won t accept...
100g Insect Essentials
Bird Supplement Features: Insect essentials consist of vitamin and mineral supplement for soft bills. Add to insectivorous diets. Insect Essentials contains a full vitamin and mineral range as well as...
100mls Aviclens
Bird Supplement Features: Vetafarm 100mls Aviclens bird supplement helps keeps drinking water sparkling clean, fresh and safe. Aviclens helps take up the fight against grunge syndrome. Water quality is...